Samstag, 30. September 2017

♪... The man at the back of the queue was sent...♫

Again this time it will be only English... Why? I´m back from UK. And what an adventure!

And to say why this title: it is the start from "Kings Cross" by the Pet Shop Boys (loved them over the years ♥) And yes I survived the underground of London (alone!) from Kings Cross to Waterloo Station... and a little more.

Won´t talk about the work. It was a standard customers training. But I had a lot of beautiful moments.

The first as I was picked up from the airport by a chauffeur service with a luxury limousine. I felt like a star 👸
The driver brought me to the hotel and entertained me very well: He also gave me his business card if I would have problems to check in... becuase I did not have any information about the hotel booking. Everything was arranged by the customer.

It was late and I only had a small dinner in the Beefeater beside.

Next afternoon after return to the hotel I would like to see something from the city. I was not somewhere in the nowhere this time so a good chance to see something British! A suggestion from the reception was the Old town and yes I found some nice pictures to capture.

 Found 2 new fellows on my way 😊 
Never have seen such two-colored squirrel. It catched an oak seed and could not wait to bring it home. As I went around the tree to see it from the other side it run my way back and had to fight against a car that came around the corner. But it was fast enough and still alive.
My 2nd new friend was (how wonder) a cat. Sitting where it was and as I would pass it looks at me with a face that ask: Hi, how are you?

Arrived in the old town I found what I have in mind when I think about Britain

 I belive a shool...
...a street with small shops, one beside the other...
... do not remember what it is, but I think there came people out, it was a restaurant...

and a highlite for me because of the name on it:
I love the crime series "Midsummer murder" with Inspector Barnaby. I know that has nothing to do with this, simply the name let me smile 😄

Home again I was on the way for approximately an hour and 3 kilometer and a bladder on my right foot... I started the tracker as I passed the hospital beside the hotel and I believe the GPS was not really true... maybe confused about the wrong side?

Follow the tour here

When I have a look onto the map I was much more in the south of this  and went back through the back side of this mainstreet (Middle Row). Nevertheless I was tired enough to sleep very well.

On Wednesday I have left the hotel to the right side and found a big supermarket "Sainsbury" I could go through without having somebody beside me who say: come on... go forward... want to leave...
I found 2 nice T-shirts, something easy to make me sandwiches for Dinner, and a power adapter that suits to my laptop cable. The one I had with me I could not use as it was for american devices, or small German plugs. After a British beer I again slept very well. 🍞🍺

All of the left days I stood in contact with Lara, because I was only one a half hour away from her and I could not imagine that it should not be possible to meet.

So on Thursday happily I was finished very early and could leave and catch the train from Stevenage to London and the 1st adventure was starting for me. I got a lot information about the trip: take first the train, then the underground, then again the train and you have to move minimum once here and there, take the blue line and the brown line and the cheap one, Northeast rail, Soutwest bus... My head was burning about all the instructions and information but at least as it was time to start I made one step after the other and it runs! Thanks to all the nice people that helps me always friendly to find my way.

The train brought me to Kings Cross where I had to switch from train to the Underground or Tube. Where is the way to the Underground? It should be marked somewhere... so I followed first all the people
Out of the train station... inside I found an arrow that told me where I have to go... look right: wow! Is it a church? Is it a part of the train station? I don´t know. Only made fast a picture with the mobile to this side and to the other...
 ... it makes me crazy that I would not take the time to have a longer look around, but I was happy to take the early train and would not waste any minute I could have with Lara, so only fast view take a deep breath and then look for the Underground... So look again around and found it written on the right side...

What surprised me as most was that the Tube is running over 3 floors or layers. I cannot imagine about when it was running all only one step deeper the ground but 3 of them let shake my head.

Lara said I should take first the light blue until Oxord Circus and then switch to the brown line to Waterloo. As I asked a men on kings Cross about the right direction he told me the brown line is an old one, not so comfortable. Better to take the next station to Green Park and switch into the grey line to Waterloo. It´s more comfortable. Thank you, unknown men! He luckily has the map also on his mobile like me and showed it me soon as I want to show him my map 😂

Received on Green Park I again asked a men about the right direction. You have to know that you will have always 2 platforms for each line, one for each direction. This man now told me it is just the right he is also waiting for the train. As I said, but the arrows show to follow to the end of the platform he was unsure. I went away and as I at  least found the way I met him again. He said: Thank you, that´s exactly the train I want to use and I had the next song in mind: ♪... let me take you by the hand I lead you through the  ̶s̶̶t̶̶r̶̶e̶̶e̶̶t̶̶s̶  underground of London...♫ 😇 Ok, that´s not fair. I maybe had stand there same when I had been too shy to ask or had been not so curious to follow anything. So: your´e welcome, other unknown man!

Arrived at Waterloo I found the the way to tha train station easy. Once understood the system it is not really a secret. Next train to Basingstoke was within 2 minutes and also as I jumped in first in the end to see it is first class I catched the train and had not to wait for a longer time.

Problem in Basingstoke was that Lara did not know that I started much more earlier as we agreed. No idea about the adress, no idea about the phone number in her office, had only her private one and she did not catch my call. So I searched through the internet and took a taxi to "our" company. Yes we work for the same. Found out that made my life much more easier to visit her 😋

And then we had after her finish a very long afternoon until night to talk, have a look through house and garden and to talk again, drink tea and talk endless. I enjoyed every minute and it would have been a pity when we wouldn´t have the chance to arrange this.

I look forward to the Christmas time when she and hubby will visit me... ♥

Thank you both for this beautiful afternoon, yummie dinner and quite good tea. I will take care about in future to not only drink my tea beside without attention but enjoy it... hot.

The way to the airport was no problem only take the bus to Heathrow, wait approximately an hour and then take the bus to Luton, both airports of London. And as my luxury chauffeur told me not the only ones... I had a lot of time to go slowly through the different shops and catch some souveniers, or better things I thought I must have them...

A tea towel, for sure with the map of the underground of London. A mug I know from my brother and always look on it when I´m with him, big enough that my tea never will be too strong anymore. My loveliest fudge that taste better than the same I can buy at home. And at least a new silky shawl, as my salmon woven  remained in UK. Don´t worry Lara, a package of rolags in green are still waiting to become a new one 😆 ... but this will be another story...