Sonntag, 9. Juni 2019

Harriets hat

another interlude... Harriets hat.

My first finished knitting in Shetland wool đŸ€” I got it announced on fb and could not go away without trial ;)

I like the reason for this action and be happy that I finished this project within only 2 days 😊
One of the reasons why I did not finish or started anything else in this wool is that the yarn looks so thin. I could not believe that this will make something that suits. So it was my baptism of fire. Close my eyes and knit through 😉

What a surprise (more or less) that the finshed hat was too big for my little head 😉 I usually wash my hand knitted pieces in the special program for wool in my machine and it comes out better than before, not shrinked and the knitting pattern looks like painted. This time I put it into the standard 40°C program to hope it will shrink ;)

And it comes out as I wished. Smaller now and looks little felted but the pattern is now beautiful even (fresh knitted I´m mostly unsure if this is what I want what I make)

But now I´m satisfied. The hat also now is thicker I blieve no wind will blow through it and when I will be one day plan a trip to Shetland this will be definately a part of my luggage ❤

Keine Fotobeschreibung verfügbar. Keine Fotobeschreibung verfügbar.
Finished, looks better than in progress ;)

I could be satisfied... if the compared hat that suits perfect would not be much more smaller! .đŸ˜‚đŸ€Ł

Keine Fotobeschreibung verfügbar. Keine Fotobeschreibung verfügbar.

washed now and would be better now for my head.

I just have enough yarn for maybe a second with smaller needles that I can wash as usual...

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