Dienstag, 25. Dezember 2018

Remembrance Shawl for Lara

In summer Lara was visiting me for a long weekand and we had a lot of fun to play with wool and lots of handcrafting. The weather was raining most of the time but we were happy to work with fibers in all sections. 

At the beginning of the year she asked me to make 2 shawls for her she want to give away to friends. One should be woven, one knitted. So I was walking and looking trough what we can take. The fibers for the woven were found easy. It was the shawl for Janet. On this post I only wrote about what we made on this. But we made much more.

We opened my current solar deying, filled new ones in. We made a walk when the rain was making a break, we cooked beef rolls and talked a lot. 

One of the result of the weekend was that we decide not to take the green-blue fibers for Lindseys shawl. She got an owl shawl from Alpaka... But these ones Lara was so curious to try all the steps in woolmaking I had an idea what to do with...

starting with mixing the fibers on the blending board...

The turquise and lemon are Australien Merino I found on the fair in Leipzig. Also the dark blue. These are silk cocoons I needed to open carefully. The white fibers are Sojasilk.

It is a perfect combination to blend. Interesting that the rolags look more turquise than green, but the finished shawl has an intensive green touch! 

very concentrated...

The rolags I spun into a single yarn since Laras visit. Always step by step. A lot of other things I made inbetween... The white is the yarn Lara spun herself! It is as any first spun, thick and thin, overtwisted and with too less twist. I had some problems to finish it in the same way 😅

These both were the basic of my idea for a combination. From the thin mixed I know from my last shawls it will make a kind of self pattern. The white I would put in as similar lines that are crossed from time to time. But not regulary. Like the self pattern from the green it should look like fortuitously.

The first idea was to pull the white lines through the finished shawl. But with warping I thought the fabric could be too soft and the threads will move. So I had the better idea to weave it with. That was ok for the weft. But in the warp I had to lift and lower any thread in any shot by hand... quite expensive!  

Than I had a flash and the best solution ever: I lay in the horizontal into the weft and the vertical I pulled trough in the woven part. As long as it was not rolled on the beam. So always on small steps. It works perfect!

I love the result! ♥ And have enough fibers from the colored and enough yarn from the white to make a twin for myself.

Lara, it was a very nice weekend and I hope you will have a beautyful reminder on this with this shawl ...

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